Sealord now Australasia’s largest certified sustainable seafood provider

Following independent accreditation of two more of its deepwater fish species and aquaculture farms in Tasmania and Queensland, Sealord now offers the largest range of certified sustainable seafood to the Australian and New Zealand markets.
The global Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) has announced the certification of New Zealand hake and New Zealand ling, which joins hoki, albacore and Southern blue whiting as fish that measure up against the MSC’s strict standards – only 9% of the world’s wild harvest fish have been certified through the global organisation.
Sealord is increasing the volumes of Fresh and Frozen MSC species to the New Zealand and Australian markets and this supply is further strengthened by the recently expanded joint venture partner Westfleet supplying fresh ling and a range of inshore species.
In September Sealord King Reef Barramundi in Northern Queensland has been awarded the BAP (Best Aquaculture Practise) from the Global Aquaculture Alliance and during the same month, joint venture business Petuna in Tasmania has been recognised with BAP certificates for its salmon farms.
Only 15% of aquaculture ventures worldwide have this accredation.
Sealord General Manager Consumer, Jason Plato says the seafood industry in New Zealand and Australia are already recognised for some of the world’s best fishing and aquaculture practices and the third party certification builds on this.
“Robust assessment by independent experts using the latest science is a credible way to demonstrate to Sealord customers and consumers around the world that they are buying the very best.
“For Sealord people, who do all the hard work to ensure we fish and farm sustainably and find ways to get better, this is a great achievement,” he said.

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