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Recent media reports have cast doubt over Sealord practices back in 2012 in relation to reporting of catch. Sealord can reassure the public that at no time, either back in 2012 or in the present, has Sealord engaged in deliberately under-reporting catch.

The leaked 2012 reports from MPI highlights issues MPI reported around methods best used to cut, weigh and report all catch.

Through 2012 – 2014 Sealord addressed the concerns that were raised.  Importantly MPI also clarified and acknowledged the difficulties of vessels trying to meet the strict interpretation of where the head of fish had to be cut when processing hundreds of thousands of small fish per day given the difference between a compliant cut and a non-compliant cut could be as little as 20mm.

Since this time, all Sealord vessels in the southern blue whiting fishery have been fully observed by MPI. Each trip has assessments made of carton weight, conversion factor adherence and quantification of whole fish to meal.  All reports have been compliant. Notably Sealord have consistently caught under our quota for many years.

Both the Southern blue whiting and Hoki fisheries are MSC certified, meaning they have been independently verified as being sustainably fished.

These recent reports of under reporting regrettably seek to cast doubt over an industry working hard to protect our natural resources, ensuring they are well managed for all future generations.  Sealord does not condone or participate in illegal practices and welcomes any refinement of our compliance systems by MPI.

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