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Independent Fisheries

Independent Fisheries (IFL) was founded by Howard Shadbolt and had its beginnings as a small fish and chip shop in the Christchurch suburb of Linwood in 1956. Since that time and under the management of the late Charles Shadbolt (Howard’s son) and Mark Allison, Independent Fisheries has grown into one of New Zealand's major deepwater fishing businesses, with the fourth largest deepwater quota package in New Zealand.

In 2024 Sealord Group acquired the business, which continues to be run by its existing employees. IFL includes approximately 46,000 metric tonne of quota, one chartered and two owned deepwater factory fishing vessels, 500 plus vessel crew and staff, and a cold storage facility.

Petuna Aquaculture

In early 2020 Sealord acquired 100% ownership of Petuna Aquaculture, a salmon and ocean trout company in Australia following the purchase of a 50% interest in the business in 2010.

Based in Tasmania, Petuna is the state’s smallest salmon farming business, best known for its award-winning Atlantic salmon and ocean trout, prized for its purity of flavour and succulent texture.

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