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Our story

Sealord Group is a leading Australasian seafood business specialising in deepwater fishing, seafood processing and aquaculture.

The Group employs around 1,550 people in New Zealand in sustainable deepwater fishing and processing, and 200 in Australia in aquaculture.

Sealord exports over 90 per cent of its catch to 40 countries in various frozen formats from Nelson and Lyttleton.

Sealord’s people are passionate about fishing, innovation, delicious seafood and the wellbeing of each other and the environment through Sealord’s value-based culture.

With over 60 years in the fishing industry, Sealord is equally owned by global seafood company Nissui Corporation and Māori through Moana New Zealand.

The largest seafood business in New Zealand based on revenue and quota holdings, Sealord owns Independent Fisheries in Christchurch, New Zealand, and Petuna Aquaculture and Sealord King Reef in Australia.

Our heritage

We trace our legendary beginnings to our great ancestor Maui, when from the depths of the Tangaroa he pulled the giant fish Te Ika a Maui aboard his waka. Ever since people of this land have set out on the ocean to bring food from the sea home for our people.

As the current generation of a long and remarkable line of pioneering New Zealanders, today Sealord accepts the challenge and responsibility of guardianship of our wealthy natural ocean resource, so that it remains abundant and available for those who follow us. We understand that we harvest a crucial natural resource and never forget the need to do it responsibly to ensure a healthy ocean for future generations.

Our affinity with the Tangata Whenua and the seas that bind us all together is presented in the Sealord Logo.

Sea, ocean blue – Moana
Resilient and hardy – Paua
Spirit of adventure – Toropapa
Growth and prosperity – Koru
Eye of Sealord – Whatu o Tangaroa
Spiky, structured and organised – Kotaratara

Our Vision

Sealord asked our people to come up with a vision statement for the company that reflected what inspires them about working at Sealord.

Working at Sealord is about doing the right thing, whether it’s for our team members or looking after the environment. We are proud that the quality seafood we produce is being sent around the world feeding people of all cultures. Our vision as a business is to continue to build on this for the generations that come.


In this video, Sealorders give their views on what the vision means to them.

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