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Sealord acknowledges concerns have been raised around labour conditions for some people working abroad in the tuna fishing industry, generally on illegal and unregistered vessels. Our company places very high priority on the welfare of all people involved in the supply of our products and has full confidence these issues do not relate to the supply of Sealord tuna products.

Sealord tuna are all skipjack tuna caught sustainability in the Western Pacific region. Our supply agreements all include robust policies in relation to sustainability and ethical practices. Our skipjack tuna is sourced exclusively from FCF (a Taiwanese Company), a recognised leader in sustainable and traceable chain of custody and social policies underpinning ethical work practices. FCF’s Social Accountability Policy can be viewed here link.

All vessels catching Sealord tuna are legal and registered. Independent Observers are present on 100% of these vessels, to assess compliance to all policies and to comment on conditions on board.


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