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All About Mercury

What is mercury?

Mercury is a chemical metal that is found naturally in our environment, it can also be found in food products. 

How much mercury is in fish?

Most fish contain a small amount of mercury. But the good news is that the amount is minimal and should be of no concern to those that eat fish.

However, it can become a problem with predatory fish such as sharks, that are higher up the food chain and older fish. The amount of mercury found in fish also varies depending on where the fish comes from.

How much fish can i eat and are they any species to worry about?

There are a few types of fish that shouldn’t be eaten too often, such as swordfish and lake trout, particularly for young children and pregnant women. 

Tuna is often one people are concerned about. The type of tuna we use (Skipjack) is a short-living fish, meaning they accumulate only low amounts of mercury. All of our products are regularly tested and have safe levels, less than 5% of the World Health Organisation guideline levels. This means you can feel good about regularly incorporating tuna into your weekly diet.

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