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Good Food Promise

Fish, the goodness you need when you need it.

Eating a healthy diet isn't easy and achievable, but even the small, incremental changes in your daily eating habits can go a long way. Good, nutritious food does more than just nourish our bodies, it can make us feel happier and help us achieve more.

At Sealord, we're proud to bring you a range of healthy products. Our retail seafood range is tasty, quick and easy to prepare. We all need to eat better to feel great, and here is how we promise to help.

Our promise to you:

  1. Make our products healthy without compromising on taste
  2. Aim to have all our products use familiar ingredients, with no nasties 
  3. Provide clear information about what is in our products and recipes
  4. Keep our products and recipe options simple & convenient
  5. Provide wholesome, tasty recipes that make it easy to eat more seafood (& veggies)
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