Kids in the Kitchen

Messy as it is, it is difficult to overstate the importance of getting the kids into the kitchen, and the earlier the better. We know it can be hard to find the time and patience to have younger children in the kitchen but here’s why it’s worthwhile;

  1. Kids who help with cooking are more likely to eat a wide variety of foods and be willing to try new foods. They don’t even count all the nibbles as they chop, stir, and taste as trying new foods.
  2. Cooking is a valuable life skill. Kids who can cook grow into teenagers who are better able to look after themselves and stay healthy. They are also be better at managing to eat well when money is tight.
  3. Cooking with kids gives the opportunity for different generations to work together passing on a lifetime of skills and wisdom and strengthening family bonds.
  4. Kids learn better by doing rather than being told. Cooking with them gives you the opportunity to show how important healthy food is without having to deliver a lecture – much easier for both of you.

Where to start?

For young children it may just be a case of them spending time in the kitchen with you and letting them have a stir or mix.  That way the kitchen becomes a friendly, interesting place they want to be.  As they get older, they’ll feel more confident with knives and hot elements.  Of course safety is the most important consideration but you will be surprised at how well children can manage equipment if they’ve been shown how to use it properly.  The other way to boost confidence is to choose foods kids love to eat and are simple to prepare and cook;

Homemade takeaways

Sushi -


Once you’ve introduced the kids to the kitchen and given them some basic skills, it’s the ultimate win/win – you get a night off, they feel proud, get to make some food choices, and are well on the way to good health and independence.




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