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Jason Plato

The Unofficial Bio!

My association with Sealord started in 1990 when I received a grant from Sealord to do a university paper on green shell mussels in Japan. This relationship culminated in me joining Sealord as sales manager North Asia (Japan and Korea) in 1994 after having worked in Japan for 3 years in the banking industry.  After spending 9 months in Nelson, I moved to Japan where I set up the Japan office and worked there for a further six years before relocating to the US and taking over as GM North America.

After a seven-year stint in the US I moved back to Auckland to head up sales and marketing globally. Due to Sealord’s investments in different offshore sales organisations at the time, I was spending up to 6 months of the year on the road outside of New Zealand. Four years later with a change to a matrix structure at Sealord I relocated to Sydney where I have now been for over eight years. When we changed back to a functional structure about three years ago, I returned to the GM Global Sales role.

Having studied Japanese at high school and university, and, having lived there for 9 years I speak Japanese as do both my children which is a great skill for life for them. My main passion outside of work is music. As well as an avid concert goer and music listener, I play guitar and a couple of other stringed instruments and have played in a few bands over the years.  You can even find a couple of albums scattered on Spotify if you hunt hard enough 😊

​​​​​​​I’m often asked what has kept me at Sealord for so long. While the variety I’ve had in my role for a quarter of a century has contributed, hands down the people I work with is what makes Sealord such a great place to be. これからもよろしくお願いします。

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