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Gary Neill

The Unofficial Bio!

I love working for Sealord as we’re a collaborative bunch. We have a great brand and a bright future.

I like the stability but also the challenge of food & beverage manufacturing businesses – I’ve also worked for Lion Breweries (who hasn’t?) and Tegel. For something different, I worked in Europe for TV and internet companies – useful for picking up even more acronyms than you’ll learn in the fishing industry.  

I’m a Cantab, but live in Auckland and it’s not so bad.  We have two kids (both girls), enjoy getting stuck in to my sport, and play a bit of music from time to time.  I play the trumpet… supposed to be a funk band but the set list always depends on what the singers want to sing.

Oh, and I’m the tallest in the office – why does everyone put the butter on the bottom shelf where I can’t see it? 

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