Our Business

Sealord is a proud New Zealand company and the country’s best known seafood brand.

With fishing operations in New Zealand and Australia we’re one of the largest seafood companies in the Southern Hemisphere. With more than 50 years of fishing experience, farming, processing and marketing operations, our business consistently delivers quality seafood to our customers around the world.

Established in 1961, in Nelson, Sealord is half owned by the Maori people of New Zealand, through Moana New Zealand (Aotearoa Fisheries Ltd), and half owned by global seafood company Nippon Suisan Kaisha, Ltd (Nissui).



Sealord is one of the largest quota holders in New Zealand with partners and subsidiaries around the world though Nissui’s global links. In Australia, our major interests are Sealord King Reef, a barramundi farm in Queensland, and Petuna Aquaculture, a Salmon and Ocean Trout joint venture in Tasmania.

Today Sealord employs more than 1,100 people in New Zealand and overseas, with $775m of assets and revenues of $450m.


Our areas of business

Deepwater Fishing and Operations

Our New Zealand fishing operations are based in Nelson, where we manage all aspects of our deep water operations from harvest through to sales. There we operate seven deep sea vessels in New Zealand waters as well as the Willwatch which fishes in the southern Indian Ocean from its base in Mauritius.

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In partnership with the Rockliff family in Tasmania, Sealord Fishing operates a deep water fishing venture in Australia, Petuna Sealord Deepwater Fishing Pty Ltd.

Along with our vessels, we also have our own processing facilities in Nelson.

Sealord’s North Queensland based barramundi farming operation, Sealord King Reef and its Tasmanian salmon and trout joint venture Petuna Aquaculture, provide a reliable and high quality supply of fresh fish to our customers.

Sealord also has interests in two toothfish joint ventures, being New Zealand Long Line (with Talleys Group) and Australian Long Line (with Nissui), as well as our interests in Westfleet, the fishing joint venture based on the West Coast of New Zealand’s South Island.

Sales and Marketing

We market an extensive range of fresh and frozen white fish products to retail and food service customers in both New Zealand and Australia under our brand, Sealord. We also market leading Sealord brand canned tuna and salmon in New Zealand.

From New Zealand, Sealord exports over 90% of our catch to over 40 countries in various fresh and frozen formats.





We have aquaculture spanning Barramundi, Atlantic Salmon and Ocean Trout, through our ownership of Sealord King Reef and interest in Petuna. Both of these businesses have set the bar globally with their sustainability credentials, achieving Best Aquaculture Practice Certification.

Sealord King Reef is Australia’s largest capacity Barramundi farm and was purchased by Sealord Group Ltd in 2009. Established mid-1990s, King Reef is a fully integrated Barramundi breeding, growing and processing enterprise. Supplying a range of whole fish to wholesalers across Victoria, NSW and Queensland, as well as to retailers, Coles and Woolworths.

Petuna is jointly owned by the Rockliff family and Sealord. Supplying restaurants, food service wholesalers and supermarkets across Australia, North and South East Asia, the west and east coast of the United States of America as well as Europe.

The combination of a family business with a global enterprise has allowed for significant multi-million dollar investments, including a major upgrade at the Devonport with a new hatchery in Cressy, which means Petuna is 100 per cent self-sufficient on smolt supply.


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