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Matthew Dodd

The Unofficial Bio!

I kicked off my IT journey, as well as my passion for sport and adventure, while living in Dunedin. After studying computer science at Otago University, and failing to find enough time for tramping, skiing, rugby, tennis, and a dozen other sports, I ended up in Christchurch where I started a family and ran my own software business.

Self-employment provided a great learning environment for someone who is always keen to take on new challenges and extend my skills. I didn’t make much money but I came out stronger. Christchurch was also where I started training search dogs which became a major part of my life for 15 years. I love getting into the hills to train and to help find lost people. There is an amazing mixture of feelings; freedom, exertion, purpose and success.

The power and potential of technology and data has continuously grown over my three decades in the IT industry. It has been exciting unlocking new business opportunities through the smart application of software and information. Like most businesses, Sealord is now fully dependent on IT systems to keep us safe, efficient, profitable and sustainable.

Sealord is a complex, impressive business full of committed and talented people. I am enjoying my time here and feel proud of the contribution that IT makes to keeping the business afloat.

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