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Miriama Barlow


Miriama Barlow

An A-grade employer

Miriama Barlow is a trimmer onboard Sealord’s vessel Ocean Dawn where she enjoys her roster of working six weeks at sea, followed by six weeks at home.

Trimming is a highly-skilled job where pin bones, skin and more are deftly removed as part of the process to prepare fish for packaging. “It is hard work. We do eight hours on, eight hours off, around the clock when we are at sea,” Miriam says.

“It is great for saving money because you are not spending money at sea. And the six weeks off is amazing – you plan ahead when you are at sea and know what you want to do when you get off.”

One of Miriam’s favourite things to do on her time off between fishing trips is to hit the gym, to keep her fitness up for physically demanding work on Ocean Dawn.

Sealord is Miriam’s first employer since leaving school. She went on her first deep sea fishing trip at age 18 as a packer and has never looked back.

“I am an A-grade trimmer now, making sure there is no bone going through the fillets and that the fillets are graded properly.

“You start as a trainee, and can then get boosted to C grade, B grade and up to A grade if you work hard enough.

“You can train to be a supervisor or a factory manager and one day I would like to gain one of these roles.”

Miriama says that the first time away at sea can be challenging, and that it is important to listen, follow instructions and be a team player. The support is there if you need it.

“The best thing about working for Sealord is the people you meet every trip and interacting with others,” Miriama says.

“Sealord always look after the crew and they listen to the things we want to change.”

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