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Danny Sheridan

Innovation Manager

Danny Sheridan

I’m originally from the north of England and started my working career as a chef on a small island called Jersey near France and continued on this career path for a number of years at various restaurants across Britain.

I eventually managed to escape the grueling hours of the kitchen but wanted to keep working with a passion for great food and landed an Innovation Chef role developing new products for UK retail giants Tesco, Sainsbury’s & Marks and Spencer’s, later moving on into the foodservice development side.

I left Britain behind in 2011 with my wife Lauren who hails from Glasgow, and we embarked on a year-long adventure through South East Asia, worked over in Australia and then landed in New Zealand where I began my career at Sealord in the Innovation team as Innovation Chef.  Recently I was promoted to Innovation Manager and I'm now leading the team. 

Outside of work I love fishing on my kayak, growing my own food, keeping up to date with the English Premier League (football) and hanging about with my wife and two young daughters.

What I like most about working for Sealord is the diverse people that I interact with and feel grateful that my role has given me so many great experiences.

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