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Tuna Bake

35 mins
Prep 15 Mins + Cook 20 Mins
Serves 4
10 ingredients


185g Can of Sealord Tuna in Olive Oil
4 Cups
Large Shell Pasta
White Onion Sliced
1 Cup
Plain Flour
4 Cups
1 Cup
Courgette Diced
2 Cups
Broccoli Sliced
1/4 Cup
Parmesan Cheese
1 Cup
Panko Breadcrumbs


Step 1 of 8

Pre-Heat Oven to 180c

Step 2 of 8

Cook pasta according to packet instructions.

Step 3 of 8

Once Pasta is cooked, drain and place in an ovenproof dish then mix through Sealords Tuna in Oil.

Step 4 of 8

Melt Butter in a medium saucepan and lightly cook onion for 1-2 minutes, add flour and mix thoroughly.

Step 5 of 8

Slowly add the milk, whisking constantly to form a smooth sauce.

Step 6 of 8

Add courgettes and Broccoli, stirring through the sauce and cooking for a further 2 mins and then pour over the Tuna and Pasta.

Step 7 of 8

Sprinkle Japanese Panko breadcrumbs and parmesan on top

Step 8 of 8

Bake for 15-20mins, or until top is golden in colour.

Foodie Tip
Drain off the excess oil in cans of Sealord Tuna and make a salad dressing for a nice side salad to go with this dish.

Nutritional Information

*Nutrition figures are averages only
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