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Rui Ventura

General Manager Operations

Rui Ventura is Sealord's General Manager of Operations.

His role has a significant part to play in Sealord's strategy of Operational Excellence through ensuring the effective utilisation of deep sea factory vessels, land-based processing plants and maximising the return from the company's allocated quota assets.

Rui joined Sealord with 20 years’ experience in the fishing industry, most recently as Senior Management Executive with the Oceana Group, the largest diversified fishing company in South Africa. His role there involved managing a factory as well as a fleet of seven vessels - comprising two freshers and five factory freezer trawlers, with a quota for 15,000 tonnes of hake.

Prior to that he was involved in a family fishing business, also in South Africa, specialising in sales and marketing to domestic and international markets, but also involved in business strategy, reapplication of fishing rights, vessel management and overseeing joint venture companies.

His long-standing industry involvement includes serving on the Executive Committee of the South African Deep Sea Trawling Association, as well as the Industry/Government Marine Stewardship Council steering committee, and the Management Committee of FishSA, an umbrella seafood association of fishing rights holders in South Africa.

Rui has a degree in Business Science from the University of Cape Town and is committed to the stewardship of the fishing industry as well as environmental sustainability.


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