Dory - Black Oreo

​Allocyttus niger

​Black Oreo Dory is the most commonly caught oreo dory. It is a deepwater species only found in the Southern Hemisphere and caught in waters south of New Zealand, at depths of 600m to over 1000m.

They have a very dark brown body with blackish fins and small, firm scales that cannot be dislodged. The body is wide and angular and is dominated by a very large, green eye.

Black Oreo Dory’s flesh is firm, white and does not flake easily, making it suitable for most cooking methods as fillets hold together well.
Like most species caught by Sealord, our Oreo catch numbers are determined by New Zealand’s Quota Management System, so that fisheries remain sustainable. New Zealand’s commercial fishing industry catches around 7% of the 180 million adult Oreo (adults and juveniles total approximately 3,000 million).


Dory - Black Oreo can be delivered:

  • Whole
  • Dressed
  • Fillets


Average Length ​30-40cm
Average Weight ​500g-1kg (reaching up to 2kg)
Availability ​year round
Sealord Quota ​3,816 GWT Oreo Combined

Nutrition (Per 100G)

Energy 566Kj
Protein 19.1g
-Total 6.5g
-Saturated 1.2g
-Sugars 0.3g
Sodium 113mg