Life is busy. And we all want to be that little bit healthier.

To help out, we’re are making our recipes as healthy as possible. But not only that. We are making sure that they are simple, affordable and most importantly - delicious.

Our recipes will be crafted in such a way that only the minimal amount of salt, sugar and saturated fat will be used, without compromising on taste. To learn more about the criteria around specific health claims we may make on our recipes, click here. 

Our recipes will also make it easier for you to eat healthy.

They will help you to eat more vegetables and use affordable, familiar ingredients you can find in most supermarkets. Plus, majority of our recipes take less than 15 minutes to prepare (although we have let a couple slide as they are worth spending a bit of time to get ready for, such as our Seafood Chowder).

Most recipes will have 10 main ingredients (or less!), and we have also cooked each recipe ourselves… so whilst healthy, we know they taste good, and we know they work.