Protein for healthy bones and muscles

Protein is the main building material for our bones and our muscles. Healthy bones and muscles are strong bones and muscles. It’s like having a strong frame for your house hidden under all the prettier parts around the outside.

Protein is made up of hundreds of tiny pieces called amino acids. When you eat good amounts of protein and absorb all these amino acids in your gut, your body cleverly assembles many of them into long chains. These create useful strong structures that help look after your bones or that may be sent to help build up your muscles.

Now, more than ever before, fish and seafood are being highlighted as important sources of protein.  Eating patterns that regularly include legumes, nuts, fish & other seafood are generally linked to better health and Kiwis are now being encouraged to enjoy more of these foods.1 

And here’s some more good news:

Almost our entire Sealord range* provide a good source of protein. This means that every time you serve up a portion of our Sealord fish you get 10g of protein (or even more!). And that’s good stuff. Every day we should aim to eat about 50g of protein so our fish is a pretty easy way to meet the mark.

So to help keep those bones and muscles healthy, check out how much protein you need here, and try to enjoy lots of fish and seafood meals every week alongside some delicious veggies.  



  1. Eating and Activity Guidelines for Adults, NZ Ministry of Health 2015

* Excludes Sealord Tuna Spread, Sealord Tuna Spread with Crackers, and Sealord Crab meat.

Ways to eat more protein

  • Peri Peri Tuna Pasta Salad

    50 min | serves 2
  • Salmon Linguine

    35 min | serves 2
  • Classic Crumb Hoki Fillets

  • Protein for Healthy Bones and Muscles