Omega 3 fats from fish help a healthy heart

You've probably heard of omega 3s before - they are some of the good fats in our foods, a type of polyunsaturated fat. DHA & EPA are two especially important omega 3 fats known to have numerous benefits on our heart. And we all want a strong healthy heart - the alternative is not great!

They help to raise our good cholesterol levels (we want more of the good, and less of the bad cholesterol), and keep our blood vessels in good shape which helps our blood pressure also. 

DHA and EPA are not common in the foods we generally eat, but the good news is, they are abundant in fish - especially oily fish like tuna and salmon. For this reason the Heart Foundation recommends we should all enjoy fish 2-3 times every week for a healthy heart. 

Sealord fish products are an easy tasty way to get omega 3s into your meals. And while most of our products contain useful amounts of omega 3 fats our Sealord Tuna and Salmon Pockets’ are particularly good sources. Find out more about how much omega 3 you need daily here.


Omega 3 DHA & EPA help a healthy heart in diets containing 500mg of EPA & DHA per day. EPA's fancy long name is Eicosapentanoic Acid and DHA is Docosahexanoic Acid.

Ways to eat more Omega 3