Healthy Meal Planning

Meal planning does not mean you have to set aside a whole day making meals for the week. It is more that you have the food you need in the house and know what you are doing for the week. Planning ahead can make life easier, save time, stretch the budget and ensure healthy meals.

 Here are some tips for family meal planning:

  1. Start by looking in the cupboards, fridge and freezer. What do you have that needs using. ½ a can of tuna, some vegetables going soft? You’d be surprised how far a good fridge and pantry clean out can get you.
  2. Ask each family member to suggest a meal they would like. You don’t have to include them all every week but it saves you thinking of everything and kids are more likely to eat food they have had a say in or helped prepare.
  3. Include lunches in your plan. Plan to make extra for the evening meal and take it for lunch – an easy way to save time and money and sneak in an extra serve of vegetables.
  4. Have a quick flick through the supermarket flyers. Are there any good deals you can build a meal around?
  5. Use a meal-planning sheet – it prompts you to include all meals and realistic snacking

Download your meal planning template here -

Below are some family favourite recipes that go well in any meal plan! 


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