Five easy ways to include fish in your day

Fish and other seafood is full of goodness – high in protein, low in fat and rich in omega-3s (particularly more oily fish like salmon). The New Zealand Heart Foundation recommends we eat around 2 servings of fish a week to keep us in tip top shape (1), but did you know most Kiwis struggle to meet this target? In fact, less than half of New Zealanders eat fish at least once per week (2).  

So what’s the problem? We know fresh fish is nutritious but some may find it hard to buy, or a little daunting to prepare, while others might feel frozen or packaged fish is lower quality or not as good for us.

The good news is that with a little experimentation, we can blow these myths out of the water. Fresh fish is one of the quickest protein foods to cook, with plenty of quick and healthy recipe ideas. And with a range of quality fish products now on the market, convenience and nutrition can go hand-in-hand, making it a whole lot easier to include healthy balanced meals into your day.  

Try some of our top tips

1. 5pm panic

You’ve just arrived home and have no idea what’s for dinner. These new Tuna Express meals are perfect to keep in the cupboard. You don’t need to worry about extra ingredients as they fit well with most pantry staples. Combine them with your choice of carbohydrate (pasta, rice, potato, even corn chips), add a few handfuls of fresh and/or frozen veges and you have a healthy, balanced meal ready in – literally – minutes.

2. A more lavish lunch

We all know tuna cans and pockets are a great desk draw staple, reserved for a quick snack on top of crackers or a slapped together sammie. But now with a range of flavours, there is so much more potential in the lunch department. For those warmer days try lettuce cups by pairing a spoonful of Tahitian Coconut Tuna on top of a Cos lettuce leaf, or for a more hearty lunch try Tuna Sensations Satay on a toasted pita pocket with chopped cherry tomatoes and spring onion.

3. Takeaway night with a twist

In the time it will take you to drive down to the closest takeaway shop, you can have some Kiwi favourites ready and waiting. If you plan ahead you can grab some fresh hoki for this fish burger or store some frozen crumb fillets in the freezer for a healthier fish and chips.

4. Friendly frozen

Need a crowd pleaser? Frozen fish bites are super versatile, not to mention delicious. Make fish sliders, add them to tacos or even have them on their own as a snack. With a range of flavours, there’s something to please everyone.

5. Sunday brunch

Want a nice brunch without having to brave the crowd? Make a salmon omelette by adding a few lemon & dill salmon pocket to your a simple omelette recipe.