Good Food Promise Good Food Promise

We are on a mission to help achieve a healthier and happier New Zealand. So we are making a promise to help Kiwis achieve good health through good food.

Omega 3 for a Healthy Heart

DHA & EPA are two especially important omega 3 fats from fish known to have numerous benefits on our heart.

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Protein for Healthy Bones and Muscles

Now, more than ever before, fish and seafood are being highlighted as important sources of protein.

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Sealord Pockets

Try Sealord Tuna and Salmon Pockets. Sealord Pockets are ready to eat so you can just add them to your salad, sandwich, rice or pasta for a quick and easy healthy lunch.


Salsa Verde Tuna Pizza

Want a hand with healthy? Grab a Tuna Pocket and put it on a pizza along with your favourite toppings.

Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating

Here is some more inspiration on how you can make your everyday just that little bit healthier.

Healthy Recipes

We’re ensuring all recipes are as healthy as possible. But not only that. We have made sure that they are simple, affordable and most importantly - delicious.

Recipe Inspiration