Putting Orange Roughy on the sustainable fish menu

Good news about substantial new Orange Roughy stocks and world class technology should see Orange Roughy back on the sustainable fish menu in the near future.

Sealord’s FV Otakou vessel is on a voyage with a team of scientists who will be using state of the art acoustic equipment to count Orange Roughy more accurately than ever before.

The scientists from the Commonwealth Science and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) of Australia and the New Zealand Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) are on board the vessel as it surveys the Northwest Chatham Region east of New Zealand’s South Island.

The Survey Plan outlining the voyage and research to be undertaken reveals the technology being deployed will provide more valuable and uniquely accurate data.

“Using a towed multi-frequency system it is possible to separate out Orange Roughy from other species. Mounting an acoustic optical system (AOS) provides detailed information about the species.”

Sealord has partnered with the CSIRO for many years and is delighted to be providing the vessel that makes this research possible.

The FV Otakou has joined another Sealord vessel Thomas Harrison, on the Challenger Plateau to do a joint survey with MPI on this recently reopened orange roughy fishery.

According to New Zealand Fish General Manager, Doug Paulin, supporting this research is vital to ensuring the health of the Orange Roughy stocks is confirmed.

“A growing body of evidence is showing Orange Roughy stocks are in good health, and we know discerning consumers are looking for sustainable fish,” said Paulin.

This new research programme follows the recent release of the MPI Fisheries Assessment Report. Principal Fisheries Science Advisor Dr Pamela Mace said the highlights in the report include ‘a new and substantial group of Orange Roughy on the Chatham Rise’. ends


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