Lemon Sesame Ginger Tuna Noodles


  • 1

    Sealord Lemon Sesame Ginger Tuna Pocket

  • 1 packet

    hokkien noodles

  • 5 florets


  • 1 tbsp

    hoisin sauce

  • handful of coriander

  • 1

    spring onion, chopped

  • sesame seeds, to garnish

Foodie Tip

You can make this in the microwave! Perfect for a work lunch at the office. Simply using a microwave container (with lid), add the noodles, broccoli and 1 cup of water. Cook for 2 minutes on high. Drain the water and add a tablespoon of Hoisin sauce. Layer the Tuna Pocket on top of the noodles. Enjoy!


  1. Heat noodles following packet instructions.
  2. Add the broccoli into boiling water for 2 minutes, while noodles are cooking.
  3. When noodles and broccoli are done, remove from water into bowl and mix with tablespoon of hoisin sauce.
  4. Layer Tuna Pocket contents over broccoli and noodles.
  5. Sprinkle with coriander, spring onions and sesame seeds.